♥ Vegan rum and raisin fudge

“For who could hate or bear a grudge, against a luscious bit of fudge?”

PS3 Fudge

Indeed Mr Roald Dahl, who could? Especially when its vegan friendly!

I bought a tin of condensed soya milk back at the North West Vegan Festival last month. I said that I felt a vegan fudge recipe coming up…and here it is!

Fudge PS4

I decided to make rum and raisin fudge, since this is the omni-hubby’s favourite – thought it might persuade him that dairy free can be just as delicious as the traditional item. However, I’m pretty sure that plain vanilla would work just as well.

This fudge is tasty, rich and creamy. Best served chilled as it goes a bit sticky when allowed to reach room temperature.

PS1 fudge


  • 1 x 330 g tin condensed soya milk
  • 375 g x sugar*
  • 125 ml x soya milk
  • 95 g x vegan marg
  • 2 x tsp vanilla
  • ½ x cup raisins
  • 2 x tbsp. rum

*(I used normal white granulated but a brown sugar would taste awesome)


  1. Put the raisins into a glass or mug and pour the rum over the top. Leave to soak – the longer you leave, the more boozy the raisins will taste. I recommend at least an hour.
  2. Add everything else – apart from the vanilla –  to a large pan. It is best to use a pan with tall sides as the mixture will rise a lot!
  3. Whiz pan contents together using a hand mixer until smooth and thoroughly mixed. Put on the stove and turn onto a medium heat.
  4. Allow the mixture to reach a simmer, periodically stirring with a rubber spatula to ensure that the bottom of the pan doesn’t catch and burn.
  5. Simmer for 15 – 30 minutes. This might sound like a wide range but the time really does differ depending on the size of the pan. (I don’t have a sugar thermometer so every 5 minutes after the initial 15, I drizzled a small amount of the mixture into a jug of cold water until a soft, pliable blob of fudge formed. This is known as the “softball” stage).
  6. When the softball stage is reached, take the pan off the heat and add the rum soaked raisins and vanilla. Carefully beat using the hand mixer. Keep beating until the mixture has cooled and starts to thicken and look more like fudge. (Start off slowly and increase the speed as the fudge thickens – careful not to flick any out of the pan as hot sugar BURNS!)
  7. Once thickened and cooled, scrape into a  square tin, lined with grease proof paper (mine was 12 x 12”) and put in the fridge to chill (2hrs min)
  8. Once chilled, turn out onto a chopping board and slice up.
  9.  EAT!

PS2 Fudge

Condensed soya milk is a little on the pricey side but so worth it for this recipe! It is much nicer than the shop bought stuff and the hubby can’t leave it alone 🙂


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