Tricolor cauliflower cheeze

I had a sneaky trip to Booths at the weekend. I was hoping to find Patty Pan pumpkins but instead I found a variety of irresistible cauliflowers!

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So what to make with my white, purple and Romanesco caulis? I decided to go back to basics and re-invent the classic cauliflower cheese.

I tried to follow my own “Eazy Cheeze Sauce” recipe, but I changed it slightly because I was short on a few ingredients and also I had some dairy-free yogurt to use up (homemade, doncha know!). I have to say I think I might have accidentally improved it!

Tricolor cauliflower cheeze recipe


9 x florets mixed cauliflower (I used purple, white and Romanesco)1 x cup cheeze sauce*

½ x cup grated non-dairy cheese


Steam the cauliflower until beginning to turn tender. Do not overcook unless you want to eat mush! (Tip: use some of the greens, they’re lovely and not to be wasted)

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Arrange the cauliflower into a dish and pour the cheeze sauce into the gaps. Top with the grated non-dairy cheese and bake in the oven at 180oC for 20mins.

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*Cheeze sauce recipe


1 x large carrot

1 x medium potato

1/2 x cup non-dairy yogurt

1 x tsp mustard

½ x cup nutritional yeast

½ x cup veg oil

1 x tsp white miso

1 x tsp minced garlic


Peel and roughly chop the carrot and potato before boiling in a pan of water (you can add a little veg bouillon if you’re feeling fancy).

When soft, drain the carrot and potato and add to a blender along with the yogurt, nutritional yeast, mustard, oil, miso and garlic. Whiz together until smooth.

No need to pre-cook the sauce if using for the cauliflower cheeze recipe as it will cook in the oven.

ps2 2014-10-05 17.26.58

I was amazed at how super delish this recipe turned out!

PS1 2014-10-05 17.38.41

Does it look vegan? Does it f*ck! It doesn’t taste vegan either ;o)




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