Mild (grateable!) cheddar cheeze

I had a fab time at the North West Vegan Festival at the weekend, lots of nice people, tasty treats and worthwhile campaigns. Not to mention plenty of lovely lovely beers 😉

If you weren’t there, I’m afraid you missed out! But the stalls and their webpages can be found here:

Some of my highlights:

Getting a Flash Gordonette henna tattoo by Rubee’s mendhi (


Drinking yummy yummy beer! This one was a London Porter by PitFields (


Free goody bag! Teapigs tea donated by Coconut Rose tea rooms from Blackburn


Tasty “Caramac” from Trishul Raw Chocolate (


Coconut and Lime Ice from Coconut Rose (


Tasty-ass samosa from SSK Caterers (


Condensed soya from Ananda Foods ( ) – I feel a fudge recipe coming up!


Most sexy smelling candle ever!  From Harper’s Bizarre ( ) although I wish I’d bought the “House Red” one as well.


My little Dr Hadwen Trust butterfly ( )


Bought this bad-boy from Vegan Tuck Box (  Amazing stuff!


Sexy carrot cake, I think it was from Pudology  (  … but I’d had a bit too much beer by this point!



Anyhow, after all this vegan festivalling, I was feeling inspired. I always thought my “Eazy Cheeze” sauce would make a great hard cheese… and it does! I simply added a bit of kappa carrageenan to make a grateable mild cheddar.

PSB 20140608_221142


1 x large carrot (peeled)
2 x small potatoes (peeled)
¾  x cup nutritional yeast
½ x cup olive oil (don’t use virgin!)
½  x teaspoon mustard (or horseradish or wasabi)
½ x tsp black pepper
½ x cup soya milk
¼ x tsp garlic powder
½ x tbsp fresh lemon juice
½  x tsp white miso paste
5 x tsp kappa carrageenan


Line some ramekin dishes with cling-film. Put to one side.

Peel and roughly chop the carrot and potatoes. Boil in water until soft.

In a food processor, blend the cooked carrot, potatoes, nutritional yeast, olive oil, mustard, pepper, soya milk, garlic powder, lemon juice and miso paste until smooth and a consistent colour.

Sprinkle the kappa carrageenan over the mixture and blitz just enough to thoroughly mix.

PS3 20140608_161221

Transfer to a pan and using a silicon spatula stir whilst heating until glossy (8 – 10 minutes, its ready once the oil just begins to separate out – don’t let it go too far!)

PS2 20140608_162409

Quickly pour into the ramekins and leave to cool for about 20 minutes before covering with more cling-film.

PS1 20140608_162902

Leave to set in the fridge overnight. Take out of the cling-film and wrap in kitchen roll. Store in the fridge.

This stuff slices:

PSC 20140608_221121 (1)


PSA 20140609_173803  PS4 20140609_221959

And although it doesn’t melt like exactly like cheddar, it does melt to a spreadable paste which is nice on toast!

Enjoy 🙂



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