♥ Leftover butter-cream cookies

I hate it when food goes to waste. Like REALLY hate it. I once had a complete tantrum at a colleague when he threw my one day out of date soya yoghurt in the bin, and I have FORBIDDEN the hubby from participating in food eating challenges until he is big enough to finish the plate…

So you can imagine the burden I was feeling after I was left with a cup and a half of buttercream after frosting a birthday cake. Well, to begin with it was two cups, but I quickly found out that butter-cream is very sickly when consumed on its own. So what to do? Invent a butter-cream cookie!

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These cookies aren’t like the last cookies I posted. These are less chewy but much better for dunking in a brew. They are also very yummy and extremely easy to make. 

There are endless variations of cookies that I could have made but I went for bran and sultana. They worked very well!


Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix. EASY. You might need to use your hands towards the end in order to sculpt into a dough.

Break off walnut sized lumps and mould into a ¼ inch thick circle. Lay each circle out onto a baking tray lined with some lightly greased, grease-proof paper and pop into a preheated oven (180oC) for 10 – 15 minutes. I flipped mine over halfway through to ensure they baked evenly.

20140222_153219_zps1kworztt ps2

Once cooled, scoff the lot! This recipe yielded 15, so you might need someone to help 😉









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