Hi there and welcome to my blog 🙂

I’m Michelle and I live with my husband, little boy, adopted pupper and rescue chickens. I also used to have rescue rats, which inspired my logo. You might have guessed from my internet pseudonym that I am a huge Queen fan – in fact I have been using the name “Flash-Gordonette” since I was 14 years old!

I became vegan early in 2014 and was vegetarian for just over a year before that. Learning to cook without animal products really re-ignited my love of cooking ♥ I enjoy posting my recipes, reviews and inventions so please have a browse and leave me some comments!

~ Any thing you can make, I can make vegan ~


Anzac Biscuits

Baked Cheezecake

Flash’s soft white baps!

Chestnut flour pancakes

Pesto pizza dough

Vegan mince pies

Vegan Yorkshire Puddings (that don’t suck!)

Vegan, baked mini jam donuts

Pecan and chocolate chunk brownies

Rocky Road

Chocolate and Lotus Spread cinnamon cake

Vegan rum and raisin fudge

Strawberry and vanilla loaf cake

Tattie scones – vegan style!

Vegan potica

Leftover butter-cream cookies

Date and nut crumble

Vegan sticky toffee pudding cupcakes

Gluten free, vegan, cauli and broccoli pizza base

Chewy vanilla, chocolate chip cookies

Vegan Scones

Late night flapjack

Vegan carrot cake with a creamy whiskey topping


“Cheese” and onion slice

Creme Cheeze

Beanz meanz cheeze!


Fish friendly “tuna mayo”

Mushroom calamari


Smoked Paprika Sausage

Popcorn Tofu

“Bacon” crumbles

Festive Vegan Pâté

Ikea-style meatless meatballs with creamless cream sauce

Paprika rubbed ribz

Vegan sticky BBQ spare ribs

Roast pork and stuffing joint

Vegan pork pie

Vegan doner kebab


Mexican-Style Marrows

Breaded Aubergine

Portobello mushroom burger


Spicy orange soup in a sweet potato bowl

Hot and Sour soup

Souper easy, instant miso soup

Sides and sauces / dressings:

Homemade spaghetti hoops

Lemon and mint, dreamy, creamy, tahini dressing

Easy “Whipped” hummus


Fruity hot toddy

Other delights:

Tomato and mascarpone, gnocchi bake (Vg)

Carrot-hot dog casserole

Gluten free, split pea poulourie


Courgette and chickpea salad with a chilli and lime dressing.


Vegan Las Vegas – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Dining in Düsseldorf

The Vegan Venue – Warrington

Roaming round Romania

Brackenborough Arms (Louth)

Surviving in Bulgaria

Vegan las Amsterdam!

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4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hello trouble, saw your posts on twitter then realized who you was lol
    It’s Jase_27 off lycos.

    Love those recipes you have a talent keep it up 🙂

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